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Elly Roberts

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Athlete Profile Form

As your coaches, we need to better understand your current running abilities and future goals.

If you’ve not already done so, please download the Athlete Profile form, complete it and pass it to your coach.

We intend keep paper copies only which, hopefully, will prevent hacking attempts by geeky Irish teenagers and such (but we don't like to TalkTalk about that).

Elly and Alan

Click here to download the form.


All sessions will begin with a warm up and drills, and end with a cool down followed by stretches.

Sessions may differ depending what sort of day we've had!

Meet at Birchwood High School:

Date Session
19-Jul Hills of Doom!
26-Jul Timed interval session: 2-3 mins fast with short recoveries
02-Aug Progressive Pyramid (Hourglass ?) Intervals
09-Aug Hills of Doom!
16-Aug Timed interval session: 3 mins fast with 1 min recoveries
23-Aug 4-5 min intervals with 1 min recoveries
30-Aug Hills of Doom!

Results for 800m Efforts 05-Apr-2016

Name Set 1 Set 2 Avg Variance  
Brian 3:13 3:12 3:13 0:01 :)
Dave T 3:29 3:31 3:30 0:02  
David ("Old") 3:13 -      
David ("Young") 3:01 3:11 3:06 0:10  
Donna 2:46 2:54 2:50 0:08  
Ian 2:38 2:54 2:46 0:16  
Malc H 3:24 3:23 3:24 0:01 :)
Mike B 3:00 3:02 3:01 0:02  
Paul H 3:31 3:36 3:34 0:05  
Rachel 3:01 -      
Richard (?) 3:24 3:23 3:24 0:01 :)

Congratulations to Brian, Malc H and Richard for consistency over the two session!


To send your feedback on this schedule or to ask any questions related to the coaching, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .