North Cheshire 5k Grand Prix series

North Cheshire 5k Grand Prix series

To see the 5k series entry list, click here.

The North Cheshire 5k Grand Prix is a series of five 5k races organised by Spectrum Striders RC and Altrincham & District AC.  [This 5k road race series is not to be confused with the "Cheshire County Road Race Grand Prix".]

Please note that the final race at Hollins Green has moved to Sunday morning.

Date RaceStart
Organising club
 Race entry  Race info
1Thu 23-May-2019Dunham Massey 5k #1 7:15pmAltrincham & District AC Click Here
 Click hereClick Here
2Thu 30-May-2019Birchwood Brook 5k7:30pmSpectrum Striders RC Click Here Click hereClick Here
3Thu 6-Jun-2019Bowdon7:15pmAltrincham & District AC Click Here
 Click hereClick Here
4Thu 13-Jun-2019
Dunham Massey 5k #2 7:15pmAltrincham & District AC Click Here Click hereClick Here
5Sun 23-Jun-2019
Hollins Green 5k10:00am
Spectrum Striders RC
 Click Here Click hereClick Here
 Sun 23-Jun-2019Hollins Green 1km Fun Run
Spectrum Striders RC  £3 - On the day

Enter the whole 5k series online
  • To enter individual races, click above for the race(s) of your choice.
  • To enter the whole 5k series:  click here.
(Note that the paper entry forms have been redesigned such that you can enter individual races or the whole series using the same entry form.)

For more detailed entry information, see below.

For any Results queries, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Series entry

If you enter the whole 5-race series, there is a reduced entry fee of £24 (plus £2 online booking fee) (UKA club member) or £32 (plus £2.80 online booking fee) (unaffiliated).  This discount for the series means that you get 5 races for the price of 4.

For a series entry, you get a single race number which you need to keep for the whole race series.

Individual race entry

Individual races cost £6 (plus £1.30 online booking fee) (UKA club member) or £8 (plus £1.30 online booking fee) (unaffiliated).

Closing dates

Series entry

Online entries close on 21-May-2019.

Postal entries for the series must be received by 15-May-2019.

Individual races

Each race has its own closing date for individual race entry.  Please see the entry form for details.

Posting out race details

  • If you enter the whole series online, we will post out your number (as long as it is not close to the date of the first race).
  • If you enter any individual races online, you will need to collect your number on the night.
  • If you enter the whole series or individual races by post and provide a SAE, your number will be posted out, otherwise it will be held for collection on the night.

Please note that no race numbers will be posted out to runners before 29-Apr-2019.  We will update the 5k series entry list on this web site from time to time so that you can check that your entry has been received.

How to enter

To see the 5k series entry list, click here.

You can pre-enter the whole series or just individual races.  You do not have to enter the whole series.  If you want to enter individual races, there are links to individual race entry forms in the table at the top of this page.

Series entry

Enter the 5k series on-line

Online series entry

Online entry is via BookitZone – click here to enter the series online..

[There is an online entry processing fee in addition to the series entry fee but you don't have to provide any stamps.]

Postal series entry

Click here to download a series entry form.. This year there is one entry form which covers either the series or individual races.  Tick the series entry box if you want to enter the whole series.

Please remember to put the correct stamp on your entry envelope and on your SAE.  If you do not provide an SAE, your number will be held for collection on race day.

Series entry limit

The maximum number series entries we accept is about 180, but this will be reviewed as entries come in for the Dunham and Bowdon races, where the race limit is a little lower.

The advice is still the same as for previous years – please enter early if you want to run the whole series!

If we have not reached the series entry limit, you can still get a series entry up to the start of the Birchwood Brook 5k race.

Remember that individual races can be entered up the the individual race limit.

Individual race entry

You can enter one or more individual races – you don't have to enter the whole series.  Online and postal entry is available. 

Online race entry 

You can enter any of the individual races online.  Please remember that you will need to collect your race number on the day of the race if you enter online.

Postal race entry 

This year there is one entry form which covers either the series or individual races.  Tick the boxes for the races you want to enter.

Entry on the day 

  • Entry on the day will be available at Hollins Green 5k and Birchwood Brook 5k at an extra charge.
  • There will probably be no entry on the day at Bowdon or Dunham Massey.

The Dunham Massey races often reach their entry limit before race day and Bowdon also has a race limit.  Please enter early if you want to run the Bowdon race or either of the Dunham Massey races.

Transfer Of Series Entries

If you are injured or find you cannot run, we will allow you to transfer your series entry to another runner.  We will not charge a transfer fee to do this.  We want to see the right names against the runners in the results!


Transfers of race series entries to another runner are not allowed after the start of race number 2, the Birchwood Brook 5k.

Transfers to another runner are only allowed if you have not yet run race 1.  [To be clear, if runner A runs race 1 at Dunham Massey, they cannot then transfer their series entry for the other 4 races to runner B.]

How to do a transfer

Submit a completed entry form which is clearly marked:

"Transfer runner number NNNN from previous runner XXXX"

Please give as many details of the previous runner as possible; including "age on race day" and sex.  We want to make absolutely sure we transfer the entry from the right person.  The entry form for the new runner MUST be completed as normal with age, sex etc.

Please send the information to the address on the entry form, making sure it arrives before the day of the first race.

If the transfer is at the last minute, please arrive early on race day with a completed form with all of the information & the race number and we will do our best to help.  We will not be able to issue a replacement series race number.

Series results & prizes

Results for previous 5k series are published on this web site.

There are prizes for each individual race, plus series prizes.  The rules for series age category prizes are:

  • You must do at least 4 races.
  • If you do 5 races, your best 4 times count.
  • Series prizes are awarded in the runners age category unless they beat the open age category runners.
  • The winner is the runner who has the fastest average time for 4 races in their age category.

5k Grand Prix Series - Ladies winners

2016 series

FSen: Lisa Craig (Altrincham & DAC)
F35: Rebecca Mills (Swinton RC)
F40: Bobbie Lomax (Warrington RC)
F45: Helen Reagan (Sale Harriers Mchr)
F50: Joanne Lott (Trafford AC)
F55: Jackie Cordingley (Sale Harriers Mchr)
F60: Janet Shaw (Helsby RC)

(overall winner in italics)

5k Grand Prix Series - Mens winners

2016 series

MSen: Damian Nicholls (Wilmslow RC)
M40: Michael Harrington (Vale Royal AC)
M45: Chris Millington (Spectrum Striders RC)
M50: Andy Holloway (unattached)
M55: Paul Norris (Wilmslow RC)
M60: Andrew Skett (Lymm Runners)
M65: Alan Miles (Fetcheveryone)
M70: Neville Griffiths (Spectrum Striders RC)
M75: Dave Atwell (Altrincham & DAC)
M80: Arthur Walsham (Salford Harriers)
MJun: Lucas Parker (Macclesfield Harriers)

(overall winner in italics)

5k series - sponsor

Many thanks to
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