Forest Park Ladies 5k

5k Race Route

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This route is used for the long-established Forest Park Ladies 5k Race and also for the occasional Friday lunchtime charity fun runs.

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The route (shown above in red) starts a little under ½ mile away from the Birchwood Forest Park Ranger Centre on the other side of the subway in Birchwood Brook Park.

The route has been re-measured by an accredited course measurer for 2015.

From the start, it goes south along the footpath away from the Forest Park and leaves the Brook Park after about 1.75k turning left onto the footpath alongside Dewhurst Road.

The route continues straight across the Railway Station car park, passing the 2k marker as you leave the car park, continuing down onto the gravel footpath.  Continue along the footpath until it bends right at about 2.3k, then follow the path emerging onto the wide Birchwood Boulevard.  Cross over to the right side of the road and follow it until a road exits the Boulevard to the right at about 2.75k.  Follow the footpath and cross the road (taking care of any traffic), continuing on the footpath on the other side of the road.

Continue on the path with the fence to your left and the wood to your right.  Shortly after the 3k point, turn right before the subway ahead (before the sign for "Lowes Farm Subway"), opposite a path to your left, onto the footpath into Oakwood Gate Park.  Follow the path, going up a short hill at about 3.3k and emerge from the wood, turning left onto a tarmac path.  Go down the hill, turning right at about 3.5k just after the walled garden on to a wooded footpath.  At the end of the path bear left, then immediately turn right over the footbridge.

Follow the path straight down through the red block-paved area ("Red Square") - the 4k point is as you leave the Square.  Fork left shortly after the 4k marker and follow the footpath back to the Forest Park, finishing on the grass on the opposite side of the playing field from the Ranger Centre.

This route as shown was plotted using a GPS.  The race route has been accurately measured.

Forest Park Ladies 5k - course record

16:59  (2000)
Jayne Spark
(Altrincham & District AC)

The runbritain web site is run by UK Athletics.  Site has lots of info on road training and racing.

Forest Park Ladies 5k - directions

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Race Venue

Ranger Centre
Birchwood Forest Park
off Moss Gate