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2010 Algarve Sport Relief Mile

Saturday 20-Mar-2010

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We can’t possibly miss the Sport Relief Mile just because we are “suffering a holiday” in Portugal

Alan Morris, one of our running friends from Chester, suggested that we include a Sport Relief Mile in our training plan for the Portugal running holiday.  He also thought we should use the fancy dress outfits from the party the night before, so you can see most of us in the group photo at the start of the run.  Young Alex Moffat won the “race”.  Quite a few of you will know some of our friends from the other clubs who take part in our annual jaunt to Portugal to practice running, eating and drinking.

I hope this is a full list of the Striders who ran the mile, humble apologies to anyone that I missed:

  • Julian Spencer (as a Rubik’s Cube)
  • Dave Redpath (in his Rastafarian get-up) and Janet Redpath (as Little Red Riding Hood)
  • Geoff Read (in his own Rastafarian get-up) and Debbie Read (as The Riddler)
  • Steve Pickford (as a Roman centurion)
  • Also, Barry Allman; Linda and John Owen; Geoff and Sheree Hand; Angela Bradley

One of our friends from Chester ran the mile with a fridge as practice for his plan to run a half marathon with a fridge!  See the attached story which was in the press in Chester.


Cheshire Athletes Run the Sport Relief Mile in Portugal

A group of athletes from Cheshire broke off from their warm-weather training camp in the Algarve to run the Sport Relief Mile in fancy dress, raising £140 for the appeal.  Over 30 runners from West Cheshire AC, Spectrum Striders and Deestriders, together with friends from as far afield as Poole and Northamptonshire, took part in the fund raising event.

West Cheshire AC’s Dave Crawford ran the mile race carrying a fridge and wearing ‘heavy rocker’ fancy dress!  Dave, from Blacon in Chester, is training to run the Stoke Half Marathon carrying a fridge for the entire 13.1 miles to raise funds for Help For Heroes.  Dave’s son is serving with the Army in Afghanistan, so this is a cause close to his heart.  He welcomed the chance to get some training in over a shorter distance while supporting the Sport Relief Appeal.

West Cheshire AC’s Alan Morris said:

“This was a great opportunity for the athletes to join in this fun event while raising money for a very good cause.  The star of the event was Dave Crawford and his fridge, who got some strange looks from the locals but a huge cheer when he crossed the line!"