Retro (backwards) Running Race

Easter Monday 1-Apr-2013 11am

The second of an infrequent series of road races with a difference - running backwards!

Pos Time Name  
1 06:20 Chris Millington  Club record!
2 07:42 Julian Spencer   
3 08:29 Steve Pickford   
4 11:49 Janet Redpath  1st lady and Club record

2013 race information

Come Along and Become an April Fool.  Have you tried Backwards Running?

The 2nd Spectrum Striders Retro Running Race

The Spectrum Striders RC backwards running race record holder (and Club Chairman) challenges all comers to compete in the second April Fool’s Day Retro Running Race.

The race is over 1058 metres around the tarmac loop at Birchwood Forest Park.

The first race was held on 1-Apr-2002 when the race was won in 7 min 28 sec.

Some coaches advocate backwards running as a training aid, so it must be good for you…

Julian Spencer

2002 event on 1-Apr-2002

Retro Race 2002 start (Tony Bell & Julian Spencer)

When Julian first came up with the idea of a backwards run in Birchwood Forest Park on April Fool’s Day, nobody was sure whether this was intended as an April Fool’s joke or whether Julian or indeed anyone else would actually turn up.

As things turned out, the inaugural April Fool’s Day Backwards Run was completed by 2 runners, Julian and Tony Bell, probably in the company of some bemused passers-by, one of whom was enlisted as photographer for the event.

Race report from Julian:

"If you visit the following web site [site no longer exists...] you will see that backwards running is clearly popular.  I have to admit I am a little dubious about the backwards cycling!

Anyway I thought that Spectrum Striders should join in the fun so I proposed we have a backwards running race.  Both Andy Garnett and Rory Pritchard thought it was a great idea, although both were absent on the day.

The obvious day was April Fool's day morning.  The course chosen was the 1.1k tarmac loop at Birchwood Forest Park Ranger Centre.  In the end only myself and Tony Bell were game enough to turn up.  Are you all getting too serious out there?Tony Bell

We will try and retain the date for next years race. Can you break these new Club records next time?  Can someone explain to me if this counts as a negative mile in my Training Log?"

The classified results for the inaugural Spectrum Striders April Fool’s backwards run are as follows.

Pos Name Time mins/mile
1 Julian Spencer 7:28.61 10:58
2 Tony Bell 12:15.51 17:58

Full printed results are available from the organisers at £10 per copy.

Forest Park Ladies 5k - directions

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Race Venue

Ranger Centre
Birchwood Forest Park
off Moss Gate