Yearly membership

Striders Club membership fees
 Individual = £15.00
 Family = £22.00

England Athletics Competition Licence
If you run in more than 5 open races in a year, it is usually cheaper overall to pay an additional fee for an
England Athletics Competition Licence
as this enables you to enter races at a reduced rate, normally £2 cheaper.
In 2018, the England Athletics Competition Licence fee increased to £15.00 (per person who races) per year and needs to be added to the Club membership fee. 
There is more information on our "How to join" page.
[The above are the rates for membership year starting

Award winning club

2011 England Athletics

Andy Garnett (Club President), Steve Pickford (Club Secretary) & Julian Spencer (Club Chairman) receiving the runner up award for "2011 England Athletics NW Development Club Of The Year" at the Reebok Stadium in Horwich on 10-Oct-2011.


Julian Spencer (Club Chairman) & Andy Garnett (Club President) receiving the "2009 England Athletics NW Senior Club Of The Year" award at the Striders AGM on 3-Dec-2009.